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To follow up on the big questions about science and God, we recommend:

Exploring the God Question

...from Kharis Productions and with the same producer/director as Against the Tide

Available in six approximately half hour episodes, this  series, which has been broadcast to hundreds of millions across the world, investigates the question of God’s existence in relation to:  The Cosmos; Life and Evolution; Mind and Consciousness.

Drawing on the expertise of some of the world’s best known scientists, both theists and atheists provide their interpretation of the evidence, inviting viewers to evaluate which side makes the stronger case.

John Lennox is a principal contributor to the series. The programmes are also available in Spanish, Norwegian, Russian and Mandarin/Cantonese. To access the series trailers click here.

To acquire the series and study guide/s, web streamed or in physical copy, click here.

Book Resources

John Lennox is a prolific author whose books are widely read around the world. To see a compendium of John Lennox book publications, click below.

John Lennox Publications  


Watch debates between John Lennox and Richard Dawkins.

To view The God Delusion debate from Alabama, click here:


To view the Has Science Buried God debate from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, click here:


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