To purchase Against the Tide

Get a Licence

To arrange licensing for your screening, please email with details about how you plan to screen Against the Tide, how many people you are expecting to attend and whether or not it will be a ticketed event.

If you are visiting this site beyond uk/europe

If you are viewing this website from The Americas and you are interested in screening the film in USA/N.America or countries other than UK/Europe, please visit and contact Pensmore Films directly in the USA.

Organising a Screening

Many purchasing Against the Tide will be planning to screen it to an audience. This might be in cinema, in church or in other screening venues or even online to a specific audience. Another option is ‘hybrid screening’ which combines an on-location screening with online access.

Group Discussion

Those wishing to have group discussion of the film’s content can access and download a free Study Guide (PDF ).

Practical assistance in relation to screenings

Access here a PDF GUIDE to screening Against the Tide.

Option to screen the film in 2 parts

Produced originally for cinematic screenings with a running time just over of 100 minutes, Against the Tide focuses on two key areas of exploration:

  • Part 1: God and the Science Question (filmed mainly in Oxford)
  • Part 2: Jesus and The History Question (filmed mainly in the Holy Land)

The transition falls approximately half way through the film.
The film is now available to screen in 2 parts, which you can access here: Part 1 | Part 2