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Rothschild’s London Sky Pavilion Hosts the First UK Screening

The wonderfully visual and newly renovated Rothschild Sky Pavilion was the venue on 27 February 2020 for the first UK screening of Against the Tide. The venue was arranged courtesy of Akeel Sachak, Partner, Global Head of Consumer Advisory at Rothschild and a major supporter of the film. By invitation only, around 150 UK leaders - who had previously encountered only a two minute trailer - assembled for hospitality followed by a viewing experience that left many stunned by the quality and impact of the film.

Responding to the audience reaction, Akeel Sachak said: “It is obvious people saw this film as outstanding in every way. I have had a forest of rave reviews from many who had never seen anything like it.”

Professor Lennox and writer/producer/director Iain Morris were also present and participated in Q and A.


Immediately after the screening, many requests were received about how the film can be accessed. Decisions about that are awaited, pending public health guidance about public events.