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USA Launch of Against the Tide at NRB, Nashville

The NRB media festival in Nashville, 26 February 2020. In this, one of the last public media events to take place before lockdown, Pensmore Films launched the eagerly awaited Against the Tide film to packed audiences. The numbers wishing to attend the screening so exceeded the venue capacity that NRB arranged an additional screening on the following day. Actor Kevin Sorbo, who hosted the screenings, wrote afterwards “It was wildly received. This film is going to be an amazing tool to educate and prepare Christians to defend their faith in an intelligent manner!”

Discussions began immediately on distribution options for the film. Although lockdown measures are still in place there is building anticipation of what Against the Tide will achieve when it reaches the public. Steve Huff, Executive Producer and owner of Pensmore Films added:

“After years in the planning it was an immense privilege to present this exciting film to the Christian public. But that is not our only audience. We want this film to reach and impact societies across the world which have been sleep walking into atheism and agnosticism”