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Premier LogoThank you for your interest in taking the journey with Against the Tide. This award winning film is available for you to watch on DVD/Blu-Ray or online streaming . Order it today.

Against the Tide

Audience Choice Best of Festival – Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival

Best Gospel Presentation – Christian Worldview Film Festival, Texas

Best Documentary Feature Film – Birsamunda International Film Awards

Image of John Lennox and Kevin Sorbo

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Produced originally for cinematic screenings with a running time just over of 100 minutes, Against the Tide is also available in shorter episodes as a two-part series (more details).

Exploring the God Question

GOING FURTHER ON THE JOURNEY with Exploring the God Question

From the same producers of the Against the Tide — and also featuring John Lennox — the international TV series, Exploring the God Question is also available to watch on DVD/Blu-Ray or online streaming. In six half-hour episodes, world-renowned contributors from both sides of the science/God debate unpack the evidence found in the Cosmos, Life and Evolution and the hidden depths of Mind and Consciousness in relation to the God question. Order it today .

Exploring the God Question is Available to Buy Now on DVD< Blu-Ray and online Streaming. "…Every believer and non-believer should see this excellent series of films that addresses the most important questions of life…" – Dr Greg Pritchard, Director, European Leadership Forum

"…a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in the relationship between science and belief in a creator" – Baroness Cox, Member of the House of Lords

"There’s nothing more useful than the truth" – Sam Harris, CEO Project Reason

Images from Exploring the God Question

Book Resources

John Lennox is a prolific author whose books are widely read around the world. To see a compendium of John Lennox book publications, click below.

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Watch debates between John Lennox and Richard Dawkins.

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